Data sheets of the calibration standard specimen

The Rk parameter family represents one of the few functional surface parameters. The running in behaviour of frictional surfaces can be characterised by these parameters. In especially for coated surfaces only these parameters are of importance and specified.

This standard piece serves to check the calibration of sheet metal surface profilers. The evaluation length can be up to 50 mm. Optionally more parameters can be listed in the calibration protocol.

This set of calibration standard pieces is meant to check the proper functioning of lead measuring tools. The pieces can be held between centers. Supplied are two pieces with a number of turns of 10 and 30, respectively. The lead structure profile amplitude is of the order of the statistical surface roughness.

On request:

This standard piece lends itself to check the transfer characteristics of the roughness tester. In-line measurements may require measurement speeds higher than 0.5 mm/s. With the help of this standard piece the fidelity of the measured profile can be checked in dependence of the profile amplitude and the measurement speed. The absolute drive speed as well as it’s uniformity can be checked as well.

For honed and coated surfaces (e.g. piston pins) but also for mirror-like surfaces (e.g. camshaft bearings) the Rpk values are specified to be markedly less than 0.1 µm. Conventional roughness testers are at the borderline of their capability with such values. This standard piece serves to check the proper functioning incl. the measurement data noise of a roughness tester.

This specimen features several different surface structures to check the proper functioning of surface roughness instruments. The supplied software outputs an assessment with respect to the instrument condition.

Delivery on request: customised calibration specimen.