Roughness/Waviness calibration specimen

Whereas conventional calibration standard pieces for roughness and waviness parameters are mostly ground or etched and are therefore to a certain degree inhomogeneous the surface structure of our standard pieces is made by a precision turning tool. The surface profile is at first drawn up as an x,y,z point cloud and this theoretical profile is then machined onto the standard piece surface.

Functional profile shapes can be generated with a high degree of structural homogeneity perpendicular to the profile trace. In addition one can provide supplementary control features, e.g. to check the stylus radius or the linearity of the range of the instrument. On request we also supply customised specimen.

Currently the following calibration specimen are available:

N1 Calibration standard for Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Rz DIN ISO 13565
N2 Calibration specimen (50mm trace length) for Wsa, Wca SEP 1941, JIS B0610
N3 Set of Lead specimen (10 and 30 turns) MBN 31007-7

On specific request:

N4 Sinusoidal groove standard piece DIN EN ISO 5436-C
N5 Calibration specimen for very small values Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Rz DIN ISO 13565
N6 Multifunctional calibration specimen DIN EN ISO 5436

The specimen have a metal core and a hardened Ni coating. They are embedded in a metal holder and come in a wooden box.

Delivery times: uncalibrated pieces from stock. With PTB certificate approx. 12 weeks.

Data sheets see following page